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We are one of the few indepentendly owned auto glass replacement facilities that preform ADAS recalibration services region wide!

Windshield Camera Calibrations
Advanced Driver(s) Assistance Systems ADAS) in vehicles is becoming increasingly popular. These systems rely upon cameras, lasers, and radar – often with the camera mounting to the windshield. Any time a new windshield is installed, the camera must be calibrated to ensure proper functionality and to restore the camera to OEM specifications.

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Why preform calibration?
Calibration guides the vehicle’s computer & ensures these systems are working properly. When a windshield is replaced, the camera should be removed from the bracket & unplugged from the car. After the replacement is completed, the camera needs to be reattached & recalibrated. If this is not performed by the installer, owners will have to go to the dealer to have the vehicle calibrated.

*Even a camera that has not been unplugged from the car needs to be recalibrated to ensure proper functionality of the ADAS features.

What will happen if the vehicle is not calibrated?
If a car’s ADAS is not properly calibrated, the system may not function safely. If the cameras/radars/lasers on the vehicle are off by even a few millimeters, they may not give accurate readings and the system may not function properly.

We provide calibration services for auto body shops and dealerships. Contact us for details.

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